Funding for Manitoba Media Artists

Manitoba media artists (including filmmakers, video artists, new media artists, etc.) are eligible for funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council, Manitoba Film and Music and the Winnipeg Film Group through regular grant programs to support:

– Research
– Artistic Experimentation
– Production
– Travel
– Professional Development

Most funders have specialized definitions of who is a media artist based on a history of presentation (at film festivals, artist run centres, art museums, etc.), though emerging artists with some basic training, such as relevant workshops, are also eligible for certain programs.

In all cases, it is advisable to contact the grant program contact prior to submitting an application, as each funder has different values emphases.

Canada Council for the Arts

Professional Development for Artists

International Residencies

Research and Creation
(scriptwriting, documentary research, studio practice experimentation)

Concept to Realization
(production funding)

Creating, Knowing, Sharing: Indigenous Arts
(includes support of media artists)

Travel within Canada

International Travel

Manitoba Arts Council

(production funding)


Travel & Professional Development

Indigenous 360
(includes support of media artists)

Manitoba Film + Music

Emerging Talent and Micro Budget Production
(matching funds production funding)

Winnipeg Film Group (Micro Funds)

First Film Fund

Production Fund

Marketing Fund

Mosaic Women’s Film Project – bi-annual
(aspiring/emerging Indigenous and culturally diverse women)