Indigenous Film Summit Panel


In Manitoba, cinema and media art practices have historically been centralized in Winnipeg. Creators from different regions of the province generally end up moving to Winnipeg to access the resources of the city, but this has started to change.

The Manitoba Digital Initiatives Program of the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, a two-year special project funded by the Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Funds, seeks to start opening up more possibilities outside of Winnipeg.

Two emerging Indigenous interactive media artists are on this program’s radar – Dallas Flett-Wapash and Taylor McArthur.

In this panel discussion facilitated by Manitoba Digital Initiatives Manager Cecilia Araneda, Flett-Wapash and McArthur will provide an introduction into their work and to the emerging Indigenous interactive media art community that uses Brandon as its home base.


Dallas Flett-Wapash (Swampy Cree) is an interactive developer currently residing in Brandon, Manitoba. He is a graduate of the Interactive Media Arts program at Assiniboine Community College, focused on video game production and development, and is currently attending Brandon University to achieve his Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Yahkohtita 360 Video

Bannock Bounce

VR Cooking Segment


Taylor McArthur (Nakota and Swampy Cree) is an emerging interactive media artist based in Brandon, Manitoba. She is currently serving a two-month tenure as a Student Artist-in-Residence with the Manitoba Digital Initiatives Program of the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.

McArthur is open minded and unconventional when it comes to creating new work, and is seeking to connect with her Indigenous roots as she moves forward in media art. Always learning, evolving and growing, she is influenced by the outdoors, music and modern art.

Dream Land