| Canceled| Brandon Game Jam / March 20-22

Due to precautions involving the COVID19 virus, we are postponing this event – a new date will be planned in the upcoming months, based on info from relevant health officials.

Archived Information Below:

We’re excited to announce that we at the Media Ideas Lab will be hosting our very first ever Game Jam in Brandon, Manitoba! The event takes place from Friday, March 20th, 2020, over the weekend until Sunday, March 22nd. If your New Year’s resolution was to learn more on video game development, this would be a great opportunity to attend!

Our aim is to introduce game jams to the Brandon, Manitoba area, focused more on learning the process behind making a video game from start to finish! We’ve even got some workshops in line beforehand, for those who want to make games, but are nervous to try.


Intro To Game Jams: A 3 Hour Workshop aimed towards teaching what Game Jams are, tips to prepare, an outline of recommended tools for game development, and how to brainstorm/scope for a game jam. February 12th, 2020.

Intro To Game Design: A 3 Hour-Workshop that takes an introductory look at Unity, and its coding language C#, going over how to navigate through the game-engine, its tools, and beginner coding fundamentals. February 19th, 2020.

Both workshops, along with the Game Jam itself, take place the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.


As our focus is on learning, the game jam is open to game developers of all skill levels, ages 14 and up. Registration begins on February 25th. Game Jams are fun with friends and family, and we recommend registering as a group for the best experience!

Our Schedule is as such:

Friday, 7-9pm:

We start off with a brief introduction to the event, along with the rules and expected outcomes for it. Most excitingly, we give out the key for the game jam – the phrase that all games are challenged with following in some way. We then let groups brainstorm ideas for games they think of making!

Saturday, 10am-9pm:

Go-go-go! This entire day focuses on creating the video game! As the day goes on, we have a recommended lunch-hour, and opportunities for groups to play other groups’ games, to allow for some ideas to be spread around the space. Teams aren’t expected to finish their games this day, but should aim to have a rough version of it completed!

Sunday, 10am-9pm:

This final day allows for teams to finish their game, polish it up, and upload it online for all of us to play! Once done, groups have earned their bragging rights, and can show off their games to friends and family back at home!

We’ll have more information to share as the months continue – you can keep up with us by following us on Facebook, and Instagram, both @mediaideaslab.

We hope to see you at our Game Jam this year, and look forward to seeing the types of video games the people of Brandon want to make!